Toledo County Club is a private club that is proudly serving its members and their guests. 

From the alluring appearance of our Clubhouse through our foyer to the peaceful dining rooms, there is over 120 years of history combined with a modern twist to revel in, and finalized with one of the best views in Toledo, overlooking the Maumee river.


Main Dining Room & Fireside Room
Business casual, consisting of dress pants or khaki style pants. Dress shorts should be two inches above the knee for men. Golf shirts can be either collared or mock. Dress shirts can be worn outside pants provided that the shirt is designed to be outside the pants. Women’s dress included pants, skirts (fingertip length), shorts, dresses, or Bermuda shorts.  Women’s shirts or dresses without a collar or sleeves are acceptable. Gentlemen are not permitted hats inside. 

River Pub, Grill, Centennial & Patio Attire
Casual, consisting of proper golf or tennis attire. Denim pants are permitted provided they are not ripped, torn or holed. Work style denim is not permitted. At no time is exercise wear, T-shirts, or swimwear permitted. 

Golf Attire
All golfers must wear a collared golf shirt or turtlenecks. Sweater shells are appropriate. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shorts and skirts must be 21 inches in length. NO jeans, jean shorts or metal spikes. Tank tops and slogan type T-shirts are not permitted. Caps should be worn forward. 

Tennis Attire
Members and guests are to wear proper tennis attire at all times. Golf spikes and jogging shoes cause serious damage to the courts, and are not permitted. Shirts must be worn at all times, and bathing suits are not permitted in the tennis area. 

Pool Attire
Appropriate swim attire must be worn in the pool. Children wearing diapers must have swim-type diapers for both pools.  No golf shoes are permitted on the pool deck.

*Please be advised, certain TCC Club events may have a special ‘dress code’ which will be communicated to the membership prior to the event.